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From Risk to Resilience

Program Locations: Rawalpindi, Pakistan; Eastern Uttar Pradesh, India; Tarai, Nepal
Project Duration: September 2006–March 2009
Project Lead: Fawad Khan, Senior Economist

Project Overview

“From Risk to Resilience” evaluated the costs and benefits of disaster risk reduction and adaptation to climate change in South Asia through research undertaken by a core group of partners and led by ISET-International. The project produced several reports and working papers on methodological investigations and field studies that explored the links between disaster risk reduction and adaptation to climate change in Nepal Tarai, Eastern Uttar Pradesh, and Rawalpindi, Pakistan. Downscaling potential climate change impacts was examined, and an evaluation of the costs and benefits of changing climate conditions was conducted in each location.

Project Publications

Staff Involved

Dr. Marcus Moench, President

Dr. Sarah Opitz-Stapleton, Senior Associate Scientist

Ajaya Dixit, President, ISET-Nepal

Anil Pokhrel, Research Associate

Reinhard Mechler, Consultant

Fawad Khan, Senior Economist

Daanish Mustafa, Consultant

Sara Ahmed, Consultant

Eva Saroch, Research Associate

Subhrendu Gangopadhyay, Consultant

Daniel Kull, Consultant

Praveen Singh, Consultant

Shashikant Chopde, Senior Research Associate

Dr. Shiraz Wajih, Gorakhpur Environmental Action Group

Stefan Hochrainer, Consultant

Funded by:

From Risk to Resilience

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