Shashikant Chopde

Senior Research Associate, India

Master's in Civil Engineering

Shashikant Chopde has 25 years of experience in sustainable development, poverty reduction and natural resources management, and more than a decade specifically in Climate Change Adaptation (CCA), Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) and urban resilience on multi-country projects/ programmes focusing on rural and urban areas in South and South East Asia. His interest is in working at the intersections of infrastructural development, environment (including climate) and social-economic transitions. He has long-standing experience on capacity building and advocating policies/ practices on mainstreaming by conceptualising, assessing vulnerability and impacts,  and resilience planning.


Profile Summary

  • Climate adaptation and resilience

  • Integrating DRR and CCA into district level disaster management plans

  • Policy research and field implementation

  • Advocacy and capacity building

  • Water management


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