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/hé • zə/


adjective (Kinyarwanda)

beautiful and healthy in relation to a place

ISET is pleased to serve as the fiscal sponsor for Heza, a new non-profit initiative whose mission is to scale ultra-clean, renewably-fueled cooking solutions in the global south. Heza was founded by long time ISET board member Michael Shepard

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Indoor cooking smoke is one of the leading causes of disease and death in the developing world, affecting 4 billion people who still cook with solid biomass fuel. Biomass cooking is a major source of greenhouse gas emissions. Fuel harvesting for cooking degrades forests and increases the risk of erosion, landslides, and flooding, a concern central to ISET's work in flood resilience. 


To learn more about the cooking crisis and Heza's approach to solving it check out the Heza website here and listen to this podcast interview with Michael Shepard. 

Heza restores the health of people and landscapes in the global south by supporting ultra-low-emission, renewably-fueled cooking systems

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