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Program Locations: Luganville in Vanuatu, Semarang

and Ternate in Indonesia

Project Duration: 2017

Project Lead: Kenneth MacClune

Project Overview

Researchers at ISET are working with the Red Cross' Global Disaster Preparedness Center (GDPC) to develop easy-to-understand, accessible training tools for community leaders and local governments to assess community resilience from a city-wide perspective.

The focus of this project is to enhance community-level resilience training tools to link to city-wide perspectives on vulnerabilities and to ground city-wide resilience efforts with community-level demand. This work is being done in close concert with the Coalitions Building methods and tools project. Together the tools and methods aim to enhance the capacity of community-level organizations to engage in a coalition at the city scale to understand aggregate community resilience needs so as to form or inform city-wide plans.

Core Program Activities

  • Produce tools and methods for assessing community resilience from a city-wide perspective that draws on existing city-wide plans, available data, and coalition partner experience.

  • Integrating this community level assessment into existing city-wide assessments or forming the city-wide assessment where such evaluations do not exist.

  • Pilot methodologies and training materials in selected cities

Project Publications

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Staff Involved

Project Partners

Global Disaster Preparedness Center

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