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Vietnam City Climate Change Offices

Program Locations: Can Tho City, Vietnam; Da Nang, Vietnam; Quy Nhon City, Vietnam
Project Duration: December 2010–December 2014
Project Lead: Ngo Thi Le Mai, Country Coordinator, Vietnam

Project Overview

ISET has supported the establishment, institutional development, and staff capacity building for City Climate Change Offices (CCCOs) in three Vietnamese cities (Can ThoDa Nang, and Quy Nhon).  The CCCOs are responsible for improving local government planning, decision-making, and policy implementation for climate change resilience and adaptation.

Core Program Activities

  • Capacity building through regular coaching and mentoring:  ISET provided technical assistance supporting CCCOs in the development of Provincial Climate Change Plans of Action, integrating climate change into sector plans, knowledge management, and information sharing, as well as interdepartmental coordination and climate change awareness raising throughout the city.  

  • Formal training to CCCO staff and climate change working groups: ISET has developed and provided formal trainings on topics related to stakeholder engagement, development of city resilience indicators, workshop facilitation, database development and management, proposal development, and project monitoring and evaluation.

  • Provision of concepts, methods, and tools:  ISET has mentored CCCOs and City Climate Working Group members to apply ISET's Climate Resilience Framework, vulnerability assessments, multi-criteria analysis, qualitative cost-benefit analysis, and city resilience indicators for planning and monitoring climate resilience initiatives.

  • Reviews of technical materials produced by CCCO:  ISET provided a technical review of research studies, sector climate vulnerability assessments, awareness raising material, and resilience indicators produced by CCCO and affiliated local agencies.


Staff Involved

Project Partners

Challenge to Change (CtC)


National Institute for Science and Technology Policy and Strategy Studies (NISTPASS)


Ove Arup and Partners Hong Kong Limited


Office of Da Nang City Steering Committee for Responding to Climate Change and Sea Level Rise


Can Tho City Climate Change Coordination Office   

Funded by:

Vietnam City Climate Change Offices

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