Program Locations: Da Nang and Quang Nam, Vietnam

Project Duration: Jan. 2017 – Jun. 2018

Project Lead: Tran Van Giai Phong

Project Overview

Da Nang is the third largest city and one of the three largest ports in Vietnam and the economic hub of central Vietnam. Hoi An, 30 km to the south in Quang Nam province, is a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the major tourist destinations in Asia. The Vu Gia - Thu Bon river basin is shared by Da Nang and Quang Nam provinces and drains to the ocean through the cities of Da Nang and Hoi An. Rapid urbanization and population densification along the rivers and in the coastal floodplains of both provinces are intensifying flooding issues in the basin, and particularly in the cities of Da Nang and Hoi An. Because of the proximity of the two cities and because the river branches exchange water upstream of the cities, flood control measures taken to address flooding in one city will impact the other city unless actions are carefully coordinated.

In this project ISET is working to facilitate a participatory platform between two provinces, Da Nang and Quang Nam, so that they may collaborate on the creation of an integrated hydrologic model for flood risk management.

Core Program Activities

  • Pilot an inter-provincial platform for climate resilience planning

  • Update tools for regional resilience planning

  • Engage with at risk communities, specifically communities that are highly vulnerable to flooding and drought

  • Conduct an inter-provincial assessment of trade-offs in regards to reservoir operation, urban development, and land use change

  • Replicate and scale a regional climate resilience planning approach

Project Publications

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Staff Involved

Tran Van Giai Phong

Karen MacClune

Ken MacClune

Ngo Thi Le Mai

Le Hung (ISET technical consultant)

Thai Phuc Thuan  (ISET technical consultant)

Project Partners


Integrated Management from Ridge to Reef (IUCN)

Da Nang Provincial People's Committee

Da Nang Department of Natural Resources and Environment (DonRE)

Da Nang Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (DARP)

Da Nang Department of Construction (DoC)

Da Nang Department of Industry and Commerce (DIC)

Da Nang Department of Transport (DoT)

Da Nang Department of Planning and Investment (DPI)

Da Nang Department of Foreign Affairs (DoFA)

Da Nang Department of Science and Technology (DoST)

Da Nang Mid-Central Region Hydromet Station

Da Nang Climate Change Coordination Office

Quang Nam Provincial People’s Committee


Quang Nam Department of Natural Resources and Environment (DonRE)

Quang Nam Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (DARP)

Quang Nam Department of Construction

Quang Nam Department of Industry and Commerce (DIC)

Quang Nam Department of Transportation

Quang Nam Department of Planning and Investment

Quang Nam Department of Science and Technology (DoST)

Quang Nam Hydromet Station

Quang Nam Division for Sea and Islands

Quang Nam Water Resource Unit

Quang Nam Division for Environmental Protection

Funded by:


PO Box 20321

Boulder, Colorado 80308 USA

Phone 303-656-9609


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