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Michelle Fox

Associate, USA

Bachelor's in Graphic Design, Craft & Material Studies

Michelle integrated design thinking with ISET-International’s systems thinking approach—developing tools for collaboration and engagement, as well as creative communications that enhance the quality of interdisciplinary and intercultural communication. She investigated frameworks that are used to catalyze systems-level change. She lead the organizations design and communications efforts across all digital and print media.


Michelle has supported design and communications work for organizations in Colorado, Illinois, North Carolina, Texas, Virginia, and Washington D.C. since 2006. And through her work at ISET-International she collaborates with organizations and teams in our locations across South and Southeast Asia. She earned a dual degree, Bachelor of Fine Arts from Virginia Commonwealth University's School of the Arts, graduating with honors. Her degrees include Graphic Design, Craft & Material Studies. She minored in Art history. 

Profile Summary

  • Graphic Design

  • Creative Communications

  • Interdisciplinary and Intercultural Communication



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