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  • Dr. Marcus Moench

Introduction to the Resilience Narratives: Buzzword Lemmings

What is Resilience:

A) a buzzword B) a concept of profound importance C) a term of common speech D) a word of multiple meanings in different contexts E) All of the above

The answer is, of course, all of the above.

In 2012, resilience was highlighted as the buzzword of the year by Time Magazine.[1] Its use has proliferated in everything from national and development policy debates to discussions of personal and community identity. At the same time, the concept of resilience has been actively explored by scientific and academic communities as an attribute of the complex ecological, social, behavioral and psychological systems of which all humans are a part. Understanding the factors that contribute to resilience in systems has profound importance for everything from society’s ability to respond to climate change to post disaster or trauma recovery. Resilience also is a common word of speech that applies to the, often inherent, ability of people or things to withstand and recover from disruption. As with many words in the English language, the meaning i