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  • Toan Vu, ISET-Vietnam

Green Infrastructure as a Focus Area of the Can Tho City Resilience Strategy

Over the last few months, the ISET team has worked closely with Can Tho city and the Can Tho 100 Resilient Cities (100RC) team on the idea of promoting green infrastructure in the city. The need for developing green infrastructure came out as a result of the first phase of the 100RC project. Indeed, findings of the Preliminary Resilience Assessment indicate that Can Tho has been facing multiple climate and non-climate related shocks and stresses such as urban flooding, heat waves, water pollution, and lack of green and public spaces. Of these, flooding was considered as one of the most serious. The city is also struggling with the poor enforcement of urban development regulations leading to excessive encroachment of and building on natural water storage areas such as lakes, rivers and canals. This is mainly due to a lack of integrated, demand