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A Snapshot of UCR-COP Mid-Year Event

On Wednesday 11 June 2014, almost 40 UCR-CoP participants gathered for our mid-year event to hear about and discuss some of the interesting projects and research findings our members have been working on this year.

The event hosted at Winrock International, Hanoi, provided an opportunity for members from government, private, research and the not-for profit sectors to hear three interesting presentations relating to the following themes:

  • Mainstreaming urban climate resilience into policy and decision-making

  • Capacity building and training

  • Sharing knowledge and lessons learned

Dr. Nguyen Phuong Nam, from Clitech, shared with the group the findings of a review of Climate Action Planning (CAP) by local governments in Vietnam.

Dr. Nam explained to participants how the study looked at international good practices of local government action plans in other countries and used this as a basis to compare with selected local government in Vietnam preparing their first CAPs.

Participants heard that the results from the study will be used to inform the next CAPs in 2014-2015.

Ms. Do Anh Nguyet, from COHED, discussed with the group experiences and reflections on building heat stress resilience amongst Da Nang’s most vulnerable workers.

Participants heard that heat stress awareness and responses to deal with heat stress are limited. Ms. Nguyet, emphasized that the involvement of various stakeholders is essential to building heat stress resilience among workers.

Ms. Vu Thi My Hanh, former project coordinator with Challenge to Change, shared with participant’s experiences about working with youth on climate change adaptation and resilience.

Participants heard that youth are concerned about climate change impacts, and have innovative ideas on how such impacts can be addressed.

Ms. Hanh also shared with the group an insightful video produced under the programme. The video showcased how climate change will affect young people’s lives and the role that young people can play in helping address and manage climate change impacts in the future.

By now all UCR-CoP members should have received a summary of the event, which includes links to the three presentations. If you are not a member, and would like a summary of the event and access to the presentations, please use the following link to join the UCR-CoP.

As a co-facilitator of the UCR-CoP, ISET again thanks all those who attended for their enthusiastic contributions and we look forward to continuing to work with all members throughout the remainder of 2014.

Posted by Danielle Cleal and Thanh Ngo, ISET-Vietnam

Original post by Vietnam UCR-CoP blog

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