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“People Know, People Do, People Control, People Gain Benefits”—Key Factor in the Success of The Urba

Urbanization in Can Tho has negatively affected rivers and drainage channels through drainage systems. As a result there has been an increased incidence of riverbank erosion, tidal floods, and poor drainage during storms. Drainage system problems are also projected to intensify in the future as a result of climate change.

The project “Community-Based Urban Flood and Erosion Management for Can Tho City” developed new institutional mechanisms that combine community initiative and oversight with government technical and financial support. Under this project, the construction of the biological erosion control measures took only two months and was completed by September 30th 2014, thanks to the community involvement in planning, decision-making, construction and project oversight, together with government authorities. The communities along both sides of Cai Son also developed a collective regulation for riverbank management that was approved by An Binh ward.

This video was created by ISET-Internationa and Can Tho Climate Change Coordination Office (CCCO Can Tho).

Please contact us if you want to use any footage of the video at infovn@i-s-e-t.org.

For more information, please visit this project page:

Community-Based Urban Flood and Erosion Management for Can Tho City


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