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ACCCRN: Solidifying and Strengthening the Network

Program Locations: Hanoi, Vietnam
Project Duration: July 2014–July 2015
Project Lead: Ngo Thi Le Mai, Country Coordinator

Project Overview

Mercy Corps and ISET will lead the effort to build and strengthen the ACCCRN Network that will solidify the body of experiences, knowledge and relationships that have grown from the initiative over the past nine years. The network will extend its membership beyond the original ACCCRN countries and members to engage with an expanding set of individuals and institutions, growing to become a demand-driven, self-governing and sustainably financed network.

Core Program Activities

Facilitate the development of a resilient network governance structure.Develop and implement a clear strategy and mechanism for long-term funding and resources to ensure sustainability of the network.Consolidate and scale up a knowledge management platform for current and new partners to continue to generate and share knowledge.Promote the UCCR-based interests of individual partners, subgroups, and the network as a whole for funding, programming, dissemination of learning and inclusion of new national and regional organizations and actors.

Staff Involved

Project Partners

Funded by:

ACCCRN: Solidifying and Strengthening the Network

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