Climate Resilience in the Philippines: Monitoring and Evaluation Approaches

In the following sections, we flesh out the concept of resilience and discuss its relation to CCA, discuss the challenges involved in measuring resilience, and describe existing measurement frameworks that address these challenges. We introduce our approach for developing an M&E framework for resilience in the Philippines and analyze key national measurement frameworks to draw out lessons learned and options for measuring resilience. We then discuss our recommendations for developing and operationalizing the M&E framework. Finally, in our conclusions we discuss where RRSP investments should focus to ensure that investments contribute to the emerging evidence base for resilience nationally and internationally.


MacClune, K., McGinn, C., Asif, F., Venkateswaran, K. (2017). Climate Resilience in the Philippines: Monitoring and Evaluation Approaches. Boulder: ISET-International.

Funded by:

The World Bank



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