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Building Urban Climate Resilience Through Integrative Education

Program Locations: Da Nang, Vietnam
Project Duration: January 2012–December 2014
Project Lead: Ngo Thi Le Mai, Country Coordinator, Vietnam

Project Overview

Climate change education is critical for young students of Vietnam, as they will have to cope with future effects. Through urban climate resilience education approaches, this project aims to integrate climate education into the curriculum for three subjects and two grades at each level of education (primary, lower, secondary, and upper secondary education) in the Cam Le district of Da Nang city. Specific objectives include:

  • To enhance the capacity of teachers for designing and developing contents of urban climate resilience lessons.

  • To replicate and scale up the integrative urban climate resilience education models from piloted schools to all schools in the district.

  • To share lessons with the national Ministry of Education and Training and promote replication in other parts of the country. 

Core Program Activities

Participatory and Interactive Approach (PIA): Administered climate change questionnaire survey and focus group assessment to identify knowledge and skill gaps of students and teachers. Created appropriate climate change lessons and extra curricular activities based on this assessment. 

Integrative Education: Created and implemented integrative lessons focusing on urban resilience in a collaborative learning environment. 

Training Workshop: Build capacity and knowledge for teachers so they can replicate the education models and tools to scale up to other districts.

Shared Learning Dialogues (SLDs): Observed and recorded interactions among schools, families, and communities through shared learning dialogues. Teachers documented lessons and practices from SLDs to integrate into existing curriculum, classroom activities, and community activities. 

Project Publications

Building Resilience through Integrated Urban Climate Education - A case study in Da Nang C

Building Resilience through Integrated Urban Climate Education:
A case study in Da Nang City, Central Vietnam

Project Partners

Funded by:

Building Urban Climate Resilience Through Integrative Education

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