Building Resilience through Integrated Urban Climate Education: A case study in Da Nang City, Central Vietnam

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Retrieve article here: The importance of education in formulating and complementing climate change response has been widely recognized by international and national frameworks, agendas, strategies and action plans. Climate change education has the potential to meet the needs of communities to access updated information and knowledge on climate change, supporting policy development and the enhancing effectiveness of climate change response. This study develops an innovative model of Integrated Urban Climate Education (IUCE) as one suitable method for teaching and learning climate change and urbanization. This paper presents approaches, methodology and key lessons learned from the case study of IUCE in Cam Le District of Da Nang City. Findings from the study identify a number of important characteristics about the development and implementation of IUCE in a way that effectively contributes to urban resilience building. These characteristics include (1) multidimensional approaches, (2) teacher - centered base, (3) school-family-community connection, and (4) symbiosis principle.

Authors: Tong Thi My Thi (Hanoi University of National Resources and Environment); Tran Van Giai Phong (ISET); Dal-Heui Lee, Tae-Yoon Park (Yonsei University); Shin Han (Korea National University of Education)

Citation: Tong, T. M. T., Tran, V. G. P., Lee, D.-H., Park, T.-Y., & Han, S. (2019). Building Resilience through Integrated Urban Climate Education: A case study in Da Nang City, Central Vietnam, 12(1), 1–17.

Project Funded by: The Rockefeller Foundation



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