Gender Analysis in Building Climate Resilience in Da Nang City

Program Locations: Da Nang City, Vietnam
Project Duration: September 2015–April 2016
Project Lead: Tran Tuan Anh, Technical Staff

Project Overview

ISET-International will provide technical inputs and reports for the study "Gender Analysis in Building Climate Resilience in Da Nang City." Using a gender-sensitive approach, ISET-International and our partners examine women's current roles in building climate resilience and provide analysis of women's potential roles and contributions in developing climate resilient solutions and strategies for Da Nang, key issues for gender mainstreaming and women's empowerment in building climate resilience for Da Nang, and an operational framework for gender mainstreaming and equity in building recilience capacity for urban sectors.

Project Publications

Staff Involved

Project Partners

Da Nang City Climate Change Office (CCCO)


Da Nang Women’s Union, Da Nang Institute for Socio-Economic Development

Funded by:

Gender Analysis in Building Climate Resilience in Da Nang City


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