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Da Nang Hydrology and Urban Development Simulation Model

Da Nang Hydrology and Urban Development Simulation Model

Program Locations: Da Nang, Vietnam
Project Duration: December 2010–August 2013
Project Lead: Tran Van Giai Phong​, Technical Lead, Vietnam

Project Partners: Da Nang Department of Construction; Da Nang People’s Committee; and other Da Nang line departments.

Project Overview

ISET-International worked directly with the Da Nang city government and the Da Nang University of Technology to develop and apply a hydrologic-hydraulic model (H-H model) to improve city spatial planning based on flood risks under climate change projections. The model considers the interactions between river flows, coastal storm surge and sea level, urban construction, and drainage, and is integrated with GIS to simulate flood risk under future climate scenarios for the Da Nang river basins. The Da Nang Department of Construction (DoC), with support from ISET-International, applied the model to review infrastructure investments and proposed adjustments to plans. ISET supported the DoC in preparing a multi-agency guidance document to establish a process of data updating, calculating, and integrating climate change impacts into socio-economic development projects. The document established a set of regulations for approval by the People’s Committee that would require review of the model for all new urban construction and transportation projects.   

Core Program Activities

  • Construction of linked hydraulic and hydrologic models.

  • Simulation of urban flooding under current and future climate and urban development scenarios.

  • Integration of results into city planning processes.

Project Publications

Staff Involved

Project Partners

Da Nang City Department of Foreign Affairs

Da Nang Department of Construction


Dr. Quang, Da Nang University of Technology


Dr. To Quang Toan, Southern Institute for Water

Resources Research


Ove Arup & Partners Hong Kong Ltd

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