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Technical Lead, Vietnam

PhD in Urban Flood Governance

Master's in Environmental Management

Toan is technical lead at ISET-Vietnam. He has a solid theoretical knowledge and intensive practical experience in urban climate resilience, climate change adaptation, disaster risk reduction, urban policy and adaptive governance in Vietnam. Toan has 15 years of experience of working in and leading research and development projects in these fields across levels and is familiar with proposal development, project design, planning and implementation and multi-stakeholder engagement. He also has a rich knowledge and experience in environmental management, public policy formulation and sustainable development obtained from his previous jobs with the Forclum-Eiffage group in France and with the National Institute for Science and Technology Policy and Strategy Studies, the Ministry of Science and Technology of Vietnam. Toan has a particular interest in governance issues and in the research-practice-policy linkages. He holds Master Degree in Environmental Management from France and PhD degree in Urban Flood Governance from Australia.

Profile Summary

  • Disaster risk reduction

  • Urban climate resilience

  • Adaptation planning

  • Adaptive governance


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