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  • Michelle F. Fox

Using Art, Games and Narrative to Communicate Resilience

On July 29th, 2015, Dr. Marcus Moench, Michelle Fox, and Christopher Moench presented the results the Resilience Narratives project at a luncheon hosted by the Rockefeller Foundation. The theme of the event was the collaboration of art and science to communicate concepts of resilience.

Given the complexity and nuances of science, and the difficulty of communicating these subjects across cultural and disciplinary barriers, ISET-International recognized the need to communicate in a new way. While the Resilience Narratives project is firmly grounded in research and science, the results of the project are communicated in innovative, non-traditional formats. Some of the products produced include:

  • Short documentaries that provide simple and clear examples of what resilience is and is not. These ≤4-minute long videos are designed to spur conversation and quickly illustrate different dimensions of resilience.

  • Ceramic artwork creates a reflective space for people from all walks of life to ponder and imagine the hope we have for our future and what a resilient future can look like.

  • Simple hands-on games provide an environment where experts and non-technical community members can interact and share their understanding, while building their collective knowledge of what resilience i