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  • Dr. Marcus Moench

Interview with Marcus Moench at KDNU Radio ''Planning for more Superstorms''

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Marcus Moench, Institute for Social and Environmental Transition, Boulder

LISTEN (20 Minutes) The Institute for Social and Environmental Transition does a lot of work globally regarding flooding and climate and environment protection. Speaking with Jim Pullen, their president, Marcus Moench, says Boulder has fared pretty well, though it faces challenges.

“The main flood areas, the infrastructures through Central Boulder has functioned enormously well. The underpasses and things like that. We face, as everyplace does, a huge challenge particularly along minor streams, where it’s impossible to keep the vegetation clear, to keep culverts the size you want. And where there are contrasting interests. For example, if you have a grate in front of a school such as Flatirons school that protects kids from falling into the culverts, but at the same time it becomes the first thing that clogs and floods the street, the minute any flow comes down. “

But Moench says that even in usually arid Boulder, we can learn lessons from wetter climates, such as those in Asia:

“All the infrastructures, the water heaters, the sewer, things like this, The water supply stuff is located much higher up. The electricity. We put a lot of that infrastructure into our basements. And as people are mucking out here, that’s one of the largest costs a lot of people will face is replacing that water heater, that dryer, the stuff that’s in the basements. “

For a list of resources for people in our communities dealing with these disasters, check KGNU

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