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BOULDER AND THE GLOBAL CONTEXT Boulder and the Global Context

September 7, 2014 | Boulder, Colorado

One year after the Boulder Flood of 2013, the county came together to host a week of commemoration. Community members, local researchers, city and county staff were invited to share their stories of what happened, what we’ve learned, and how we can come together and bounce forward after this devastating event.

As part of this week-long event ISET-International and BoCo Strong hosted a lively discussion “Resilience: Boulder and the Global Context.” The event was broken into three sections:

  1. Introduction by Marcus Moench, Founder of ISET-International

  2. Panel Discussion of local and international experts

  3. Musical performance by the Railsplitters

All of these discussions (and performances) are available online at


Marcus Moench, Founder of ISET-International, introduced the event by reflecting on his own experiences working abroad, drawing linkages between regions around the world—Gorakhpur, India; Da Nang, Vietnam; and the Himalaya of Nepal—placing Boulder in the global context.

See Marcus’ introduction at:

Marcus’s introduction focused on:

  • There is a lot of global knowledge that Boulder can learn from, and also places where Boulder can contribute to the global discussion on climate resilience.