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AN INTERVIEW WITH GREEN CLEAN GUIDE + CHRIS ALLAN is a credible information and analysis provider in the field of Environment, Energy, Sustainability and Clean technologies. Please visit original article on the interview with Chris Allan here.

GCG: When was ISET established and how was the idea conceived?

ISET was established in 1997. The idea was generated by a number of action researchers who saw the need for an organization that would bring together committed people in the Global South and the North on an equal footing to solve some of the complex social and environmental issues of our time.

GCG: What are some of the chief activities and objectives of your organisation?

ISET works with policy makers, civil society groups, academics, from local to global levels to understand how challenging natural resource issues – especially water use and climate change adaptation – can be solved. ISET has created an international network of like-minded people in Nepal, Pakistan, India, Thailand, and Vietnam.

ISET-International’s work bridges the science-policy-implementation divide across regions and cultures. We focus on the translation of global natural and social scientific insights into local contexts in a manner that improves understanding and enables action. We also analyze the implications of local physical, cultural, economic and other system dynamics for global and high level policy and strategy.

ISET-International’s activities combine knowledge generation, learning and the incubation of innovative strategies through pilot scale implementation.