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Monitoring Climate Change in Nepal

Program Locations: Nepal
Project Duration: November 2011–December 2012
Project Lead: Ajaya Dixit, ISET-Nepal

Project Overview

The purpose of this project was to provide the government of Nepal with local climate change data and analysis, so that policy makers could create more informed climate change resilience plans. Given Nepal’s diverse landscape, climate variability is already a characteristic feature of the country. An increase in this variability is likely to put Nepal at increased risk of extreme events, and further threaten food security. The Nepal government has begun to put in place the policy framework to address the effects of climate change, but it lacks the necessary climate data to identify which initiatives to prioritize. ISET-International worked to fill data gaps and helped government agencies to overcome information voids. The climate change data and analysis ISET-International gathered in Nepal can be applied to future projects for multiple organizations.

Funded by:

Monitoring Climate Change

in Nepal

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