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Pathways to Water Resilience in Da Nang City: A Comprehensive Assessment

Program Locations: Da Nang, Vietnam
Project Duration: November 2012–October 2014
Project Lead: Ngo Thi Le Mai, Country Coordinator, Vietnam

Project Overview

Da Nang is an economic center and plays a crucial role in Central Vietnam. It is expected that in the future the city will be subject to heavy pressure in terms of water resources. Da Nang’s water concerns are influenced by economic development, population growth, and climate change risks. The goal of this project is to ensure that planning for future water resource needs for Da Nang city are resilient to potential climate change impacts. Specific objectives include:

  • Assess current surface water availability and quality, including salinity levels.

  • Evaluate current freshwater consumption and access in four key sectors in Da Nang: domestic usage, tourism, industry, and agriculture.

  • Identify current water stresses among vulnerable groups with regard to domestic water usage and economic activities.

  • Estimate water flow and quality parameters under varying climate and demand conditions at the proposed intake sites for existing and new ADB-financed water treatment plants.

Core Program Activities

  • WEAP Software: To acquire and build capacity in the application of WEAP software for water management.

  • Assessment: To obtain an overall assessment of the existing condition of the surface water resources in the city.

  • Identification: To identify problems in the management of water resources in the basins of the Vu Gia, Thu Bon, and Cu De Rivers for improved management in the future.

  • Forecasting: To forecast water resources and water supply capacity of Vu Gia, Thu Bon, and Cu De Rivers with consideration of climate change conditions and urban development context (management of upstream reservoirs).

  • General Estimation: To provide a general estimation of demand for water by the city and by each sector as a basis for developing workable solutions for different conditions.

  • Solutions: Develop solutions that are workable in climate change conditions for all city sectors.

  • Supervision and Assessment: To secure effective implementation of the project with high quality applicability.

Project Publications

Project Partners

Da Nang City People’s Committee

Institute for Water Resource Research for the Central and Central Highlands of Vietnam

Funded by:

Pathways to Water Resilience in Da Nang City:

A Comprehensive Assessment

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