Vulnerability to flooding in peri urban areas in the context of urban development and climate change

Authors: Thanh Huynh, Ha Nguyen, Dung Tran, Phong Tran

There are many causes for flooding. Urban development is one of the issues that should be addressed when the flood events, flooding in recent years has significantly impact community life. In Da Nang, the urban constructions, living works being open towards the south of the city. Obviously, this development meets the needs of the community, contributing to the development aspect of the new urban development motivational positive about life, social welfare of the majority of the population rural past. However, there were problems at the local impact on the existing residential area. The best solution is now planning to involve an element of "region". The infrastructure works such as transport, welfare should consider carefully drainage solutions to prevent them becoming flood embankments and thus forming new flooded areas and prolonging floods, not only in the area of ​​Da Nang but also when it affects upstream Quang Nam province.


Huynh, T., Nguyen, H., Tran, D., & Tran, P. (2015). Vulnerability to flooding in peri urban areas in the context of urban development and climate change. Da Nang, Vietnam: Institute for Social and Environmental Transition-International.

Funded By: The Rockefeller Foundation


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