Using Critical Thresholds to Customize Climate Projections of Extreme Events to User Needs and Support Decisions

Using Critical Thresholds to Customize Climate Projections of Extreme Events to User Needs and Support Decisions

Program Locations: Boulder, CO, Las Cruces, NM, Miami, OK and San Angelo, TX

Project Duration: October 2014 through June 2017

Project Lead: Sascha Petersen, Adaptation International

ISET-International Lead: Karen MacClune

Project Overview

     This project piloted a participatory process to identify locally relevant critical thresholds for extreme events, and use these thresholds to customize climate projections to community-specific needs. Identifying and better understanding critical thresholds for extreme events is key to developing effective community responses to climate change.

     The pilot communities received grant funding to take action and build resilience. The projects they selected include: developing a lesson on extreme weather and preparedness for 8th graders in Miami, OK and designing and installing a rainwater harvesting system in a local park to demonstrate city leadership, save money, water trees, and be better prepared for drought in San Angelo, TX. Las Cruces leveraged this plan and encouraged the Public Works department to provide $200,000 in matching funds for a community block grant to make a $400,000 investment in enhancing green infrastructure in the traditionally underserved neighborhood.

Core Program Activities

  • Facilitate stakeholder meetings, work with stakeholders to identify extreme weather and climate change challenges and develop climate thresholds of concern;

  • Work with project team to refine project thresholds for analysis;

  • Support stakeholders to explore implications of threshold projections and develop climate resilience actions; and

  • Collaborate with project team to produce suite of multi-media project deliverables. 

Project Publications

Staff Involved

Project Partners

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Boulder Office

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Boulder, Colorado 80308 USA

Phone 303-656-9609

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