Urban Climate Resilience in Southeast Asia Partnership

Program Locations: Cambodia, Burma (Myanmar), Thailand, and Vietnam
Project Duration: August 2014 – July 2019
Project Lead: Pakamas Thinphanga, Thailand Environment Institute, Thailand and Amrita Daniere, University of Toronto, Canada
Project Contact: Richard Friend, Senior Staff Scientist, ISET-International


This project seeks to enhance the economic and social resiliency of cities.

Project Overview

Researchers will inform and facilitate public dialogues to strengthen urban populations’ resilience to climate change. Research will focus on eight medium-sized cities in the Lower Mekong region that have received little attention to date. With demographic growth, more and more urban residents are vulnerable to the physical consequences and the social and economic costs of climate change. 

The Urban Climate Resilience in Southeast Asia Partnership is co-led by the Thailand Environment Institute and the University of Toronto. Together with academic, local government, and civil society partners, the team will refine and apply tools for assessing vulnerability and building climate-resilient local governance in Cambodia, Burma (Myanmar), Thailand, and Vietnam. 

Core Program Activities

  • Advance knowledge: Investigate the economic, social, and physical impacts of climate change on secondary cities in the Lower Mekong region and the connections between urbanization, the effects of climate change, public awareness, and societal well-being; conduct research on creating inclusive and equitable climate-resilient urban governance through facilitating dialogues in focus cities with city planners and residents.  

  • Shape policy and inform practice: Provide space for informed public dialogue in each target city to identify opportunities and priorities for urban development; facilitate learning across cities to promote professional exchange among NGOs and local government; develop and test tools for urban climate vulnerability assessment and resilience planning. 

  • Train a new generation of scholars and leaders: Design and use locally appropriate educational materials for use in public education and schools; develop methods for community-based organizations and urban planners to facilitate citizen engagement in building urban resilience to climate change; support graduate students to conduct research collaborate with Canadian peers. 

  • Develop innovative research partnerships: Develop and strengthen a network of Canadian and Southeast Asian academics, government officials, NGOs, and local organizations to develop, refine, and apply tools for assessing vulnerability and building climate-resilient local governance across the region.

Staff Involved

Project Partners

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Urban Climate Resilience

in Southeast Asia Partnership


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