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Project Overview

#ResilienceMeans is an integrated, mixed media campaign that encourages a global conversation on what resilience means. This campaign is catalyzed through interactive artwork and extends to people around the world through social media. The Resilience Narratives team will be hosting events in Boulder, Denver, Lyons, and Stockholm from August 23–September 24. This campaign begins with the artwork and prayer wheels, but comes to life with the conversation and interactions of you, the viewer. While it's intended to be experienced in person, we hope that this video will bring you as close to the experience as possible. And after watching the video, we hope that you will share some of your ideas of what #resiliencemeans to you. 

A collaboration between art and science

This project stands firmly on the collaboration between art and science. In tackling the complex challenges of our world today, we must come together across political, cultural, and disciplinary boundaries to collaborate, cooperate, and solve some of the world's more pressing challenges. Resilience concepts can provide the bridge we need to cross such boundaries. Through our engagements with communities around the world, ISET-International has found a need to communicate with diverse groups in a different way. And that's where art comes in, and this is where we need your help. Tell us what #ResilienceMeans to you.   

A Tale of Two Contrasting Realities (prayer wheels) 

Re-Envisioning Climate Change Through Art | Marcus Moench | TEDxMileHigh


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