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Program Locations: Can Tho, Vietnam
Project Duration: November 2012–December 2015
Project Lead: Ngo Thi Le Mai, Country Coordinator, Vietnam

Project Overview

Urbanization in Can Tho has negatively affected rivers and drainage channels through drainage systems. As a result there has been an increased incidence of riverbank erosion, tidal floods, and poor drainage during storms. Drainage system problems are also projected to intensify in the future as a result of climate change. The overall goal of this project will strengthen climate resilience of vulnerable households in suburban areas of Can Tho city through the development of practical mechanisms for community based flood and erosion management. The local community will benefit from this project by improved drainage during the flood season and high tides, less accumulation of pollution and waste in neighborhoods, protection of open vegetated riverbank areas as access routes and green spaces, and reduced risk to health and livelihoods during the flood season.

Core Program Activities

  • Background research and field studies of local practices on erosion prevention: Determining site-specific conditions in Cai Son riverbank and review local experience with biological erosion control techniques.

  • Community organization, planning, and oversight: Establishing community groups who will contribute to an implementation plan and monitor the construction progress, develop procedures, and agreements for ongoing management together with the local government.

  • Promotion of project results (local level): Raising awareness for local government and communities on the capacity of flood management through documentation, project summaries, media awareness, workshops, and site visits.

  • Promotion of project results (national level): Preparing and sharing documentary materials as well as accessible case study project summaries in Vietnamese and English. Providing policy briefing notes for Vietnamese government officials as well as media briefing notes for the national media. 

Project Publications

Project Partners

Challenge to Change, Can Tho City 

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