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Program Location: Nepal
Project Duration: April 2009–October 2009
Project Leads: Ajaya Dixit, ISET-Nepal and Marcus Moench, President

Project Overview

This technical assistance grant provided technical guidance to Nepal’s Ministry of Environment, Science and Technology, and the Directorate of Hydrology in assessing local climate risks and developing a methodology for local adaptation planning. The project piloted and refined the methodology and analysis through a multi-stakeholder participatory process at local levels, convening government officials from agencies responsible for environmental management, civil society sector, and local communities. It resulted in a manual and terms of reference, adopted by the national agencies, to guide local consultants in developing the Local Adaptation Plan for Action (LAPAs). The support led national government leadership to decentralize key climate adaptation policies, so that they would enable regional stakeholders, district, and local governments to effectively collaborate with central government. Pilot projects strengthened the awareness and capacity of local stakeholders to understand climate change and variability, and interpret climate change projections and future scenarios for Nepal.

Core Program Activities

  • ISET-International worked with ISET-Nepal and national government officials to develop a methodology for local adaptation planning.

  • ISET-International and ISET-Nepal worked with national agencies to consolidate and analyze existing regional climate data and develop consistent sets of climate scenarios for each ecological region in the country. 

  • ISET-International and ISET-Nepal, in collaboration with local and national officials, assessed regional climate change impacts and vulnerabilities for each sector and region.

  • ISET-International and ISET-Nepal supported the national agencies to develop a guidance manual and terms of reference for local consultants to develop official LAPAs, and to adjust adaptation policies to allow for greater adaptation autonomy and planning at the local level.

Project Publications

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