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Resilience Assessment of Boulder County

Program Location: Boulder County, Colorado, USA

Project Duration: Aug. 2015 - Dec. 2016

Project Lead: Karen MacClune working with and for BoCo Strong

Design Lead: Tiernan Doyle, BoCo Strong

Project Overview

Understanding and prioritizing interventions to build resilience requires a shared understanding of what resilience is and how to identify it when we see it, a clear sense of what we’re already doing to build resilience, and a common understanding of where we have opportunities to further build our resilience. This county-wide assessment develops and applies a common resilience approach for use in accelerating learning and best practices around resilience in Boulder County.

Core Program Activities

We present a “Resilience Lens” that can be used to bring into focus what is and is not resilient in the world around us, and using this lens, we explore, across sectors, scales and geography, where we are resilient and where we face resilience challenges. Finally, we present resilience opportunities — places where people around the county are already identifying a need for action to further build our resilience.

Project Publications

Funded by:

Supported by:

State of Colorado, Boulder County, the cities of Boulder, Erie, Gold Hill, Jamestown, Lafayette, Lyons, Longmont, Louisville, Nederland, and Superior, and the Boulder County Collaborative

Resilience Assessment of Boulder County

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