Indicators of Urban Climate Resilience: A Contextual Approach

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View article at As urban populations grow and climate exposure increases, more cities are introducing formal planning processes to adapt to climate change. This paper explains the process applied to eight cities in the Asian Cities Climate Change Resilience Network (ACCCRN) for developing indicators for planning and monitoring local climate resilience. This process relied on transferring a common conceptual framework for climate resilience, together with a locally led iterative and collaborative process that engaged technical and planning authorities and vulnerable groups. The process varied slightly between cities and generated indicators that were chosen for their contextual fit and availability of data. The main benefit of developing resilience indicators in this way was the local capacity that the process built, in terms of understanding resilience, shared understanding of concepts and measurement and establishment of a common platform for future planning and monitoring of climate adaptation interventions at the city level. Keywords: Monitoring and Evaluation; Resilience and Climate Change Adaptation; Shared Learning Processes

Authors: Stephen Tyler, Erwin Nugraha, Ha Kim Nguyen, Nhung Van Nguyen, Aniessa Delima Sari, Pakamas Thinpanga, Thao Thanh Tran, Sheo Shanker Verma

Citation: Tyler, S., Nugraha, E., Nguyen, H.K., Nguyen, N.V., Sari, A.D., Thinpanga, P., Tran, T.T., Verma, S.S. (2016). Indicators of urban climate resilience: A contextual approach. Environmental Science & Policy, Vol. 66, 420?426.

Funded by: The Rockefeller Foundation



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