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Final Evaluation Report of the Cambodian Mine Action and Victim Assistance Authority (CMAA)

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Globally, mine action programs aim to contribute to four broad goals: 1. Reduction of mine/ERW casualties; 2. Poverty reduction; 3. Socio-economic development; 4. Compliance with international commitments and norms (Paterson, Samriteha, & Vanny 2017). This paper has presented key findings and recommendations, based on evidence gathered and reviewed across this evaluation. Overall the program is strong, sound, and mature. It is achieving important results: removing landmines is a humanitarian imperative, and one that constitutes a necessary (although not sufficient) condition for poverty alleviation and integrated rural development in some of Cambodia’s poorest and most remote communities. The CfR program has made important strides to support Cambodia’s mine action sector, although there are opportunities for improvement. This evaluation concludes with a brief summary of the program’s performance against UNDP’s standard evaluation criteria. A rating (ranging between 1 and 4 points) is awarded based on the Evaluator’s overall assessment of the program’s performance.

Keywords: Monitoring and Evaluation


(Tiếng Việt, Español, Français)

Author: Colleen McGinn, PhD

Keywords: Monitoring and Evaluation

Citation: McGinn, C. (2019). Final Evaluation Report: Clearing for Results Phase 3. For UNDP-Cambodia.

Funded by: UNDP

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