Da Nang: Extreme Rainfall, and Climate Change by the 2020s &2050s (Technical Report)

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Climate change will alter the frequency and intensity of extreme rainfall events, which are currently caused either by typhoons or more localized storms, and increase sea levels leading to greater tidal flooding and higher storm surges. Taken together, this implies that climate change will intensify flood risk in the future. Coupled with continued development, it is possible that Da Nang could experience unprecedented levels of flooding in the future. This report provides a technical overview of how climate change may alter the frequency and intensity of extreme rainfall events in Da Nang for two future periods, the 2020s and the 2050s. This report is meant for hydrological engineers, water managers, and urban planners requiring more techincal information. Keywords: Climate Modeling and Scenario Planning; Disaster Risk Reduction/Hazard Management/Hazard Management; Resilience and Climate Change Adaptation; Urban Planning; Water Management Disclaimer: This document is an output from a project funded by the UK Department for International Development (DFID) and the Netherlands Directorate-General for International Cooperation (DGIS) for the benefit of developing countries. However, the views expressed and information contained in it are not necessarily those of or endorsed by DFID, DGIS or the entities managing the delivery of the Climate and Development Knowledge Network, which can accept no responsibility or liability for such views, completeness or accuracy of the information or for any reliance placed on them.

Authors: Sarah Opitz-Stapleton; Kate Hawley

Citation: Opitz-Stapleton, S., & Hawley, K. (2013). Da Nang: Extreme rainfall and climate change. Boulder, CO: Institute for Social and Environmental Transition-International.

Funded by: The Climate and Development Knowledge Network (CDKN); The Rockefeller Foundation



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