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Climate Change and Urbanisation: Building Resilience in the Urban Water Sector- A Case Study of Indore, India

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This is the story of Indore, a city in the center of India. This is also a story about water in urban areas: where it comes from, where it goes to and who uses it along the way. Unique to developing country cities is the predominance of informal actors in the water sector. The formal, or government sector, often exclusively manages water access and distribution in developed country cities. In developing countries there is also the private water market, where water vendors supply water to meet demand through water tankers and treated drinking water. In this environment, the impacts of climate change on water will be strongly felt by all these water managers. Climate change is already having impacts on temperature and the hydrologic cycle, changing when, where, how much and how often water falls. This report investigates the complex dynamics of the water sector, to investigate the needs of the urban water managers and ultimately to suggest strategies and tools that can help these water managers. Keywords: Resilience and Climate Change Adaptation; Water Management


(Tiếng Việt, Español, Français)

Authors: Eva Saroch; Dilip Singh; Laura Seraydarian; Marcus Moench; Sarah Optiz-Stapleton; Shashikant Chopde; Meena Palantappan; Veena Srinivasan; Michael Cohen

Keywords: Resilience and Climate Change Adaptation; Water Management

Citation: Saroch, E., Singh, D., Seraydarian, L., Moench, M., Opitz-Stapleton, S., Chopde, S., Palantappan, M., Srinivasan, V., & Cohen, M. (2011). Climate change and urbanisation: Building resilience in the urban water sector ?A case study of Indore, India. Boulder, CO and Oakland, CA: Institute for Social and Environmental Transition-International, & Pacific Institute.

Funded by: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA)

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