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A Mid-Term Review of the Climate Justice Resilience Fund

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ISET performed a global evaluation of the 20.9 million dollar Climate Justice Resilience Fund (CJRF) at the half-way mark of its initial six-year phase. The valuation assessed CJRF’s efforts and achievements to date, through a mid-term review of:

The fund strategy and grantmaking processes established to support this work;

Emerging results of grantee work supported by CJRF to date, including results related to community empowerment, advocacy, resilience solutions, policies, and funding priorities.

ISET mobilized a team of specialists with global experience as well as deep familiarity with the three regions of the fund: the Arctic, East Africa, and the Bay of Bengal in India and Bangladesh. The evaluation assessed Overall Effectiveness (Results), Specific Strategy Questions, and Grantmaking Process Questions.

Deliverables included a report with infographics, photographs, and charts illustrating the findings. ISET also produced a four-page Briefing Report, and presented findings to both the advisory committee and to a wide audience of stakeholders.

This resource is available on the Climate Justice Resilience Fund website:


(Tiếng Việt, Español, Français)

Authors: Colleen McGinn, Chris Allan, David Gordon, Mizan Khan, Violet Matiru

Local Empowerment, Monitoring and Evaluation, Resilience and Climate Change Adaptation, Systems Thinking

Citation: McGinn, C & Allan, C. (2020). A Mid-Term Review of the Climate Justice Resilience Fund. ISET-International. Retrieved from:

Climate Justice Resilience Fund

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