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Mia Chung

Research Associate

Mia Chung, JD, is an experienced writer, editor, project manager and researcher specializing in environmental governance and climate change in the Southeast Asia context. Her diverse experience allows her to take a multidisciplinary and intersectional lens to her work, highlighting perspectives on gender, Indigenous Peoples, and social justice issues. Most recently, Mia has been doing research and writing on increasing access to environmental rights through digital access, as well as the impact of infrastructure development on the Mekong region.


After receiving her BA in Gender and Women’s Studies from the University of British Columbia (Canada), she received her JD from the Schulich School of Law at Dalhousie University (Canada) and practiced energy regulation at a leading Canadian law firm. In 2015, she moved to Southeast Asia and has since worked on developing Cambodia’s environmental code, supporting advocacy by project affected peoples, and acting as editor and research manager for the Mekong region’s only regional open data platform.

Profile Summary

  • Environmental governance

  • Gender and climate change

  • Writing and editing

  • Project management

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