Do It Together Toolkit for Building Urban Community Resilience

Why use this toolkit:

This toolkit was developed in collaboration with and piloted with community-based development and humanitarian aid organizations. It incorporates cutting edge resilience theory and practice and addresses issues of complexity, scale, urbanization and development. 
This toolkit is also: 

  • User friendly,

  • Community oriented,  

  • Comprehensive, and  

  • Designed for organizations to implement without the need for an external facilitator.  

This toolkit is best for organizations working in cities that want to work on city-scale resilience, and organizations working in communities that find challenges that need to be addressed beyond the community-level. 


What is in this toolkit:

This toolkit presents an approach for assessing city-wide community resilience that will allow you to: 

  • Identify community resilience priorities and needs that require city-level attention and intervention; 

  • Determine whether and how community and city-level resilience priorities align; and 

  • Identify entry points for building resilience at the community-level that can contribute to overall city-level resilience. 


Citation: Institute for Social and Environmental Transition-International (ISET-International). (2017). Do-It-Together Toolkit for Building Community Resilience. Boulder: ISET-International. 

Funded by: 

The United States Agency for International Development 

Associated Project: 

City-Wide Assessment for Community Resilience in Indonesia and Vanuatu


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