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Institutionalizing Resiliency into State of Colorado Investment and Operations  

Program Locations: Colorado, U.S.A. 
Project Duration: Summer 2018
Project Lead: E & E National Experts

Project Overview

​Through the Colorado Resiliency and Recovery Office (CRRO), located in the Department of Local Affairs, the state of Colorado has taken an initiative to look beyond disaster response/recovery and work towards resilience. ISET will work with partners to bring a collaborative and innovative approach to incorporating resilience and planning into the CRRO.


Core Program Activities

​ This coalition will work with the State to:

  • Plan and implement resilience strategies at the state and local level;

  • Incorporate stakeholder engagement, input, and ownership in projects that aim to develop effective local organizational frameworks for improving disaster recovery and resilience;

  • Provide a well-designed Resiliency Coordination Plan focused on ease of implementation and coordination; and

  • Provide actionable next steps, clear organizational tools, and adaptable training modules.

ISET will facilitate focus group meetings to emphasize group discussion and input and provide opportunities for participants to begin to define how resiliency applies to their department/agency missions and can be incorporated into their budgetary processes, operations, and funding criteria. Our facilitators will use various tools and methods to encourage interaction and discussion, which could include polls conducted during presentations, break-out discussion groups, worksheets with discussion questions, and question and answer sessions.

Staff Involved

Project Partners

E & E National Experts

Molly Urbina, Urbina Strategies

Funded by:

Institutionalizing Resiliency into State of Colorado Investment and Operations  

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