Program Locations: International

Project Duration: 2016-2020

Project Lead: Colleen McGinn, Ph.D. 

Project Overview

Climate Change Compass is a long-term program to support design, monitoring, evaluation, and learning (DMEL) for UK International Climate Finance.  It is managed by IMC Worldwide.  ISET’s Senior Resilience Specialist serves as Adaptation Cluster Lead.  In the current phase of the program, her work primarily concerns:

  • Providing guidance to UK ICF-funded  programs on selecting indicators for climate change resilience; and

  • Roll-out and dissemination of new technical guidance on global headline indicators for climate change indicators.

Project Publications

Climate Change Compass. (forthcoming). Guidance note: How to choose indicators for climate change adaptation and resilience programmes. For UK International Climate Finance.

Staff Involved

Funded by:


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