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  • Tran Tuan Anh

Assessing the Effectiveness of Programs that Provide Credit for Storm-Resilient Housing

Overview and takeaway points:

In 2011, the Da Nang Woman’s Union started a program to help low income families fortify their houses, so that when typhoons and flooding occured, these households will be more prepared. Often a house is the single most valuable asset a family owns, and they can suffer great economic loss if that house is damaged in a typhoon or flood, both of which occur frequently in Da Nang.

ISET senior scientists, in collaboration with Hue University, have conducted a survey to investigate the effectiveness of this resilient-housing project, along with similar projects initiated by other NGOs and local governments.

This Rapid Assessment Survey concluded that:

  • Some survey participants indicated that because they now have more secure housing, their adult children feel more comfortable sending home money for other investments – for example computers.

  • This assessment survey has indicated that, helping the poor in housing improvement is a multi-dimensional approach that requires both financial support and technical and institutional assistances. Both financial and technical input is needed to fully support households i