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Policy Brief for Water Resource of Da Nang City (Kèm bản dịch Tiếng Việt)

Household and agricultural demands for water are increasing. At the same time, there is erosion, saline intrusion and an over-reliance on inadequate infrastructure. These factors are increasing the risk to Da Nang’s water supply. ISET-International, Central Vietnam Institute for Water Resources (CVIWR) and Climate Change Coordination Office of Da Nang city (CCCO Da Nang) have prepared three Policy Briefs that identify and make recommendations to manage the key issues. They explain how the governance of water needs to improve; local departments need to work together to manage infrastructure, strategic planning needs to be undertaken, and there needs to be the raising of public awareness of water saving.

Please note that there are slight differences in the Vietnamese and English version of these briefs. The Vietnamese versions have greater relevance to those working in Vietnamese domestic policy. The following policy briefs can be found on our website: