Unpacking Mainstreaming DRR-CCA in the Sub-National Level Development Planning

Authors: Jennifer Pinsonneault, Leah Sprain, Shadrock Roberts, Marcus Moench, Julie Demuth, Ken MacClune, Heather Cook, Tiernan Doyle. Edited by Karen MacClune

UR Boulder was a 2-day event in October 2015 that convened over 120 experts, practitioners, and community members to discuss challenges we face in building resilience to climate change and natural hazards in the region. Events included 12 thematic sessions on topics ranging from food security to citizen science, keynote presentations and Ignite Talks from some of Colorado's leading thinkers on these issues, and a Tech Challenge that awarded over $20,000 to local tech innovators working on resilience. This publication is made up of a series of submissions from Session Leaders summarizing the content of each session.

Citation: MacClune, K. (Ed.) (2016). Understanding Risk: Building Boulder’s Resilience: Proceedings from UR Boulder, Boulder, USA, September 2016. Washington, D.C.: Understanding Risk.

Funded By: Submissions were compiled by the Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery (GFDRR). Fiscal sponsors for the workshop included Mapbox, Digital Glove, ESRI and the University of Colorado Climate Office for Outreach and Engagement.


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