A Concept of Resilient Housing: Da Nang, Vietnam

Sheltering From a Gathering Storm aims to improve the understanding of the costs and benefits of climate-resilient shelter design, and contribute to the transformative change necessary to make communities more resilient to future disasters. As part of the Sheltering from a Gathering Storm project, ISET-International, Hue College of Economics, Hue Planning Institute and Da Nang University of Architecture organized the Resilient Housing Design Competition which was open to engineers, architects, students, teams, and individuals to show off their talent for designing low-cost housing that is resilient to climate change. This publication presents the Vietnam winning design from team TT-Arch, and describes how they capture characteristics of resilience in their thoughtful and beautiful design.


ISET-International. (2014). A concept of resilient housing: Da Nang, Vietnam. Boulder, CO: Author.

Funded By: 

UK Department for International Development (DFID); Netherlands Directorate-General for International Cooperation (DGIS) 


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