Climate Resilient and Disaster Safe Development: Process Framework Training Manual

Authors: Anil K Gupta, Swati Singh, Sakshi Katyal, Shashikant Chopde, Shiraz A. Wajih, Amit Kumar

The present training manual is an outcome of the study and an evolution and process guide manual over the previous version (2014) by contextualising to sub-national and urban context for synergising SFDRR with Paris Agreement and SDGs. Specifically, the manual presents a practical approach of CCA & DRR integration & mainstreaming for an effective and realistic DDMP, learning from Gorakhpur, Odisha & Almora. The process of Shared Learning Dialogues (SLD) with various district departments enhanced the understanding of different elements of vulnerability & put emphasis on further requirements to reduce the disaster risks along with overall development of the region.


Gupta, A.K., Singh, S., Katyal, S., Chopde, S., Wajih, S.A., Kumar, A., (2016). Training Manual on Climate Resilient and Disaster Safe Development - Process Framework, NIDM, New Delhi (India), GEAG, Gorakhpur (UP, India) and ISET, Colorado (USA), supported by CDKN, UK. September 2016

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