Lessons from ACCCRN in Viet Nam Series

Lessons from ACCCRN in Viet Nam Series: Assessment of Urban Planning and Urban Development in An Van Duong, Hue City

Authors: Phong Tran and Anh Tran, ISET; Tung Nguyen and Linh Dang, Thua Thien – Hue Urban Planning Institute

This article presents major findings of a study done in 2014-2015 to assess the urban planning and development process of An Van Duong, one of the most influential urban areas to the development of Hue City. The An Van Duong master plan was approved by the Thua Thien Hue provincial People’s Committee in 2005 to expand the city to the south. This urban area is now facing problems related to flooding and inundation, which urged this research to examine and assess its planning and development process to identify possible solutions and strategies for future sustainable development. The selected methods to conduct this research include desk study, documentation, consultative interviews and discussions with relevant stakeholders, and qualitative data analysis and interpretation. This study have identified five key problems of the area and its planning process: (i) An Van Duong’s location in a low-lying area; (ii) The scale of planning, which is too big compared to the duration of planning; (iii) The limited engagement of local communities and the wide public in the planning process; (iv) The underestimation of urban drainage systems in flood reduction; and (v) The lack of climate and disaster information and data. This article also presents several recommendations and solutions to tackle these problems, such as re-determination of the planning scale in response to the planning period, intensification of public engagement, and improvement of information exchange and communication between stakeholders.  


Tran, P., Nguyen, T., Dang, L., Tran, A. (2017). Assessment of Urban Planning and Urban Development in An Van Duong, Hue City. Hanoi, Vietnam: ISET-International.

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