Floods, Vulnerability and Urban Resilience - Lessons from Hat Yai, Thailand

Authors: Arnaud Le Meur, Richard Friend, Pakamas Thinphanga

Hat Yai—the largest city in Southern Thailand—has experienced several devastating flood events over the last thirteen years. This Briefing Paper draws on case study research that focused on how people in different neighborhoods of flood-affected Hat Yai dealt with the impacts of the 2010 flood, and how they were able to recover and rebuild their asset base.

While the case study focuses on a specific event, the lessons emerging from this research have broader implications for our understanding of vulnerability, and conversely, of how to build urban climate resilience. The research highlights the importance of addressing vulnerability and resilience throughout the phases of a crisis—in preparedness, response and recovery.


Le Meur, A., Friend, R., Thinphanga, P. (2013). Floods, Vulnerability and Urban Resilience – Lessons in Hat Yai, Thailand (Briefing Paper). Bangkok, Thailand: ISET-International.

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