Getting Ahead of Climate Change for Businesses: Risks, Regulations, and Opportunities

Authors: ISET- International

Climate change is already impacting the private sector. Natural disasters related to climate change pose direct risks to supply chains in Vietnam and Southeast Asia, threatening profits and business vitality. In addition, new types of global legal, reputational, insurance, and financial risks associated with climate change will become increasingly important for both small-and-medium sized enterprises and multinational corporations. This report synthesizes findings from the expert panel from Vietnam Green Biz of September 2013 covering topics such as climate risk, environmental regulation, and adaptations that are becoming increasingly important for companies with business interests in Vietnam.


ISET-International. (2013). Getting ahead of climate change for businesses: Risks, regulations, and opportunities. Hanoi, Vietnam: Author.

Funded By: 

The Rockefeller Foundation; U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)


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