Alternative Development Pathways: Examining the 2021 Gorakhpur Master Plan (Policy Brief)

Gorakhpur is located in the mid-Gangetic plains between the Rapti and Rohini river basins. Since a large part of the city’s elevation is below the river, water-logging of lands and periodic flooding is a recurrent phenomenon. The problem is compounded by the inadequate and unmanaged stormwater drainage in the city. Water-logging worsened in recent years due to changes in rainfall, encroachment and infill of water bodies, and unplanned development of large land areas. This brief discusses the issues with the current Gorakhpur Master Plan and proposes new additions such as; in order to address future flood risks the Master Plan would need to be changed substantially so that green open-space land could be protected in low-lying areas and along the river where it could have a major impact on flood levels. Drainage within the city would also need to be improved.


Gorakhpur Environmental Action Group, & Institute for Social and Environmental Transition-International. (2013). Alternative development pathways: Examining the 2021 Gorakhpur Master Plan. Boulder, CO: Institute for Social and Environmental Transition-International.

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