Resilience Strategy for Da Nang City, VietNam

Authors: 100RC Da Nang team

Da Nang is recognized as one of the fastest growing cities in Vietnam and one of the most attractive travel destinations in Southeast Asia.

However, Da Nang is vulnerable to shocks such as typhoons, floods, heat waves, droughts and saline intrusion and to long-term stresses such as typhoon and flood damaged housing, water shortages, unemployment, poor health care, and business continuity challenges.

The Resilience Strategy is intended to be a living document that helps Da Nang become a city where residents can live in peace, have a dynamic economy with state-of-the-art infrastructure and resilient plans that address the city’s shocks and stresses.

Da Nang is the first city of Vietnam to develop and release a Resilience Strategy but implementing city resilience requires more than just a document. It requires an engaged community of residents from all walks of life partnering to combat the many challenges that confront the city. The strategy’s actions will inspire greater collaboration between the Da Nang city government and the public in order to jointly enhance city resilience.

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100RC Da Nang team (2016). Resilience Strategy for Da Nang City, VietNam. Vietnam, Da Nang: 100RC. 

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